Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I register?

    Most classes offer online registration through the city Parks and Recreation Department. The easiest way to register is to find your class listing under Class Schedule and click on the link for your class to be taken directly to the city's registration page. You will typically then need to create an account with the city if you don't already have one.

  2. Are in-person classes allowed in my area?

    This varies by city. You can search for Classes in your area. As classes become available you can find them here.

  3. What COVID-19 accommodations are needed for my class?

    This varies by city and county. Click here to see our general class safety protocols. Please contact your city's Parks and Recreation Department or contact us for specific questions.

  4. How do livestream classes work?

    You'll need some space to play. Indoors or outdoors, our games can be played in small areas, but enough room for your child to safely run and kick a ball is ideal.

    Next you'll need some gear. It's no problem if you don't have a full set of soccer gear. Each week we'll send you a brief description of what we’ll use and a few suggestions for common household items you can use instead.

    For instance, you’ll need a ball to kick, a soccer ball is great, but any ball is fine. When we knock over soccer cones, you can use water bottles, stacks of blocks or paper towel tubes. When we dribble around disc cones you can use colored toys, books, or you can print out the color-cards available from our website.

    Each week we finish class with Goal Time. Don’t have a soccer goal? No worries, you can set up two soup cans a few feet apart or use a chair and aim the ball between its legs. We’ll practice dribbling, passing, shooting and defense. We’ll discuss scrimmage concepts and prepare our young players for a return to the field.

  5. Can I try a class before I register?

    No*. Due to liability concerns all participants must be registered before participating in a Kidz Love Soccer program.
    *There are a select few cities which offer a free trial day before the session starts. These trial classes will be pre-scheduled and advertised in the city's activity guide.

  6. Can I join in the middle of a session?

    Typically enrollment is open into the second class meeting. Policies vary by city, so be sure to contact the Parks & Recreation Department for specific details. Many of our classes and camps sell out, so it's best to sign up as early as possibly to ensure a spot. Please note that the registration fee is not pro-rated for the classes that are missed.

  7. I missed the first class. Can I get a copy of the first day info sheet?

    Of course. You can access the first day sheet here.

  8. It's raining or worse! How do I find out if my class is cancelled?

    If the weather looks threatening please call our Class Status/Rainout Hotline for an update of class cancellations or postponements. Call (888) 372-5803, where you will be directed to the California, Oregon, Texas or Washington hotlines. Or, click here to see today's class cancellations. You can also download our free app for iPhone and Android to receive updates for your class directly on your smartphone.

  9. How does the mobile app work?

    The mobile app sends out class cancellation notifications directly to the mobile devices of anyone who is following a class. After downloading the app to your phone it will prompt you to enter your zip code, your child's age and what day you take class. Each new class you sign up for, you will need to click the + on the top right to add your new class. At the end of the season, you can also fill out our parent survey to let us know how we are doing.

    Please note: The app does not automatically update from session to session; you must select a new class at the beginning of every new session in order to continue receiving status notifications.

  10. Last week's class was cancelled due to rain. Do we get a makeup class?

    Absolutely! Our general policy is to make up any classes that we are forced to cancel due to rain, extreme heat, coach illness, etc. For example, if we miss one week due to rain, we will add one extra class past the originally scheduled ending date to make up for the missed class. Make up classes are held on the same day, time and location as the original class scheduled.

  11. What should my kids wear?

    All participants* must have shin guards when participating in Kidz Love Soccer classes, knee-high soccer socks are recommended. Participants should wear comfortable clothes and plain tennis shoes. Soccer cleats are optional however no cleats are allowed for indoor programs.
    *Mommy/Daddy & Me Soccer participants should wear comfortable clothes and tennis shoes. Shin guards are not required for this age group.

  12. Do I need to bring a soccer ball?

    Not usually. Our coaches will be prepared with all of the soccer balls, goals, cones, flags, etc. that they will use to conduct class.

    If your current program notes that you must bring your own ball to comply with local health restrictions then please follow that instruction.

  13. My class includes a jersey, when will I receive it?

    Jerseys are typically distributed at the third or fourth week of class. If your child is absent on the day we distribute jerseys, your coach should have your jersey for you the following week.

  14. What are the class ratios?

    We have developed guidelines for what we believe the optimal ratio of coach to student is in each of our programs. These guidelines can be adapted in each individual city where we work to accommodate different needs. Sometimes they are modified to better fit the type of facility available. Other times city requirements or rules dictate very different class sizes. Below are what we believe is optimal, but again, programs in each city may differ based on the city's specific rules, facilities, needs and requirements.

    • - Mommy/Daddy and Me - 20:1 (with parent participation)
    • - Tot and Pre - 10:1
    • - Soccer 1, Soccer 2, and Soccer 3 - 12:1
  15. What kind of instructors do you have?

    We hire instructors who love working with children and who bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the soccer field. All instructors are carefully screened and go through our proprietary training process which includes, among other things, child development theory and background checks.

  16. How come they don't play more soccer in this program?

    While many soccer programs are busy using adult-like skill drills to hammer home the fundamentals of soccer, we approach coaching from a child-centered perspective. In other words, we make learning fun for kids. We put instruction into a context children understand using special techniques designed around how kids naturally learn. At Kidz Love Soccer we not only teach your child the fundamentals of soccer, but we also focus on developing the whole child. Our program helps develop a child's social, emotional and cognitive skills while exercising the child's body and creating players who are well-balanced and conscientious, on and off the soccer field.

  17. If my child is advanced can they move up to the next class even if they are not old enough yet?

    Only with coach's permission. We typically ask that you attend the first class in the appropriate age group. Only after the coach has met your child and the children in both the current class and the next class up can they make an informed decision as to the children's abilities, demeanor, physical size, and class sizes to determine what class would be best.

  18. Even if my child is not old enough can they be in the class with a sibling?

    Our classes are developed to be age and skill appropriate. Only after the coach has met your child and the children in both the current class and desired class can they make an informed decision as to the children's abilities, demeanor, physical size, and class sizes to determine what class would be best.

  19. Can I have a specific coach? I've heard they were great!

    You can request a specific coach. However, coaching schedules aren't always finalized until after class enrollment has closed. While we cannot guarantee a specific coach to any one location, we make every effort to ensure continuity of coaching from season to season. You are welcome to inquire approximately one week prior to the start of a session.

  20. We missed class last week (or are going to miss next week, etc.), can we have a make-up at another session?

    Unfortunately, no. Children cannot participate in any of our programs without being registered. Your child is covered under our insurance while attending the class for which they are registered. Also, we cannot maintain a quality kid to coach ratio if children are attending classes for which they are not registered.

  21. Where can I find the price for these classes?

    You will be shown the class price when you follow the link to online registration, which typically takes you to the city's website to process registration. The price will always be shown to you before you are asked to submit payment.

  22. Do you offer any type of scholarship or other financial assistance?

    Kidz Love Soccer is proud to offer financial assistance to qualifying participants through a confidential, no hassle process. If you're interested click the follwoing link for a more detailed explanation. Click Here!

  23. What is your refund policy?

    In most cases we contract with your local park and recreation department, and are subject to their policies regarding refunds. Please consult your city's recreation department for more information regarding their refund policies.