Kidz Love Soccer Scholarship Program

Our scholarship program is designed to help families in times of economic hardship. If you qualify for the National Free Lunch program you qualify for the Kidz Love Soccer scholarship program as well. To quickly see if you qualify, click the following link. It takes you to a URL that lists the qualification guidelines for the National Free Lunch program.

National Free Lunch Qualifier

On National Free Lunch webpage go to the "Who is eligible for this program?" section and select the size of your household. The form will show you the qualifying income level needed for a family of your size to qualify for the National School Breakfast and Lunch program. If you qualify your family is eligible for our scholarship program as well.

Qualified families are eligible to receive up to a 30% reimbursement of their student's class tuition. Here is how it works.

  1. Anyone can apply.
  2. To qualify, if a family meets the requirements for the federal subsidized National Free Lunch program, they qualify for our scholarship program.
  3. Click here to download the Kidz Love Soccer scholarship application
  4. Fill out the downloaded application and email it to
  5. Once received, we will contact you to confirm we have your information and that you have qualified
  6. Participation in the class is required. If a student withdrawals before the completion of the program , no scholarship payment will be made.
  7. All Scholarships are paid as reimbursements at the completion of the program.
  8. If initial payment through the city cannot be verified for the student, no scholarship payment will be made.
  9. All applications for scholarship must be received no later than one week prior to the start of the requested program.
  10. All Scholarship payments are made by check mailed to the address on the completed Kidz Love Soccer application.

With any other questions, please email or call the Kidz Love Soccer office at (888) 277-9542. In your email, please include the city and state of the program about which you are interested.

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