Private Lessons

What youngster wouldn't benefit from a one-on-one hour with one of our experienced Kidz Love Soccer coaches? Whether you want to introduce your child to soccer in a private setting, or help them hone a particular skill, we can custom tailor lessons to meet your needs, schedule and child's abilities.

Offered to children ages 8 to 14, a Kidz Love Soccer private lesson includes:

  • One on one attention for 1 hour
  • A specific lesson, tailor-made for the individual
  • Beginning and Advanced ball skill training
    • Beginning (Usually 3-4 of the following)
      1. Ball control
      2. Passing and receiving
      3. Dribbling
      4. Carrying The Ball
      5. Shooting
      6. Defending
      7. Balance and Coordination
    • Advanced (Usually 3-4 of the following)
      1. Juggling
      2. Dribbling moves
      3. Finishing
      4. Plyo-metric strength training
      5. Heading (for players 12 and older)
  • A written player evaluation
  • Take-home skill building assignments


  • One on one (1 hour) = $75
  • One on two (1 hour and 15 minutes)= $120

To schedule a private lesson call us today at, 888-277-9542.

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