Kidz Love Soccer – Class Safety Procedures

Effective date: June 17, 2024
(Updated as Health Conditions Change)

  1. All classes will run outdoors.
  2. All classes will run as stable group with a max of 12-kids/group. Each group will have 1 coach.
  3. If more than 1-class runs in the location, each class will have its own area and will not mix with another class at any time.
  4. The Coach shall remain solely with 1-group of 12 the same 12-kids for the entirety of the class.
  5. Coaches shall wear face covering in areas or spaces where staying six feet apart from others is not feasible.
  6. All students and coaches must stay 6-feet away from one another as much as possible.
  7. All students will have their own set of equipment that will not be used/touched by any other students during class.
  8. All equipment will be sanitized with an EPA-registered disinfectant at the end of each day.
  9. We will be replacing our standard sign-in/sign-out with a new contact free check-in/check-out. Parents will check in their child from 6-feet away verbally acknowledging/confirming the information in any required documents which the City Coordinator will have access to.
  10. Any child showing signs of illness will be sent home.
  11. Any child who does not listen to the coaches and/or follow the social distancing guidelines will be sent home.
  12. In cities where it is required by Health Order, children will have their temperature taken as part of our daily check-in process. Kidz Love Soccer will have a Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Digital Thermometer available at every class.
  13. Kidz Love Soccer staff will constantly remind participants throughout each class to not touch their face, mouth or eyes. Participants will also be reminded to cover all coughs and sneezes. Parents will be notified if this becomes a problem at class.
  14. No High fives, fist bumps, hugs or any form of student-to-student or student-to-coach contact are allowed.
  15. In addition to a water bottle, snacks and sunscreen, parents should provide hand sanitizer and a towel to limit face touching. All students must be taught to apply sunscreen by themselves.
  16. All program facilities must have access to running water and soap. The size of the facility will dictate how many classes (groups of 12) we can run at each location.
  17. At Risk Groups should not drop-off/pick-up participants, participate in programs or instruct programs. At Risk Groups include persons who are older, pregnant, or who have underlying health conditions, including those with compromised immune systems or respiratory conditions like severe asthma.
  18. In the event of an injury or incident where the coach and child must be within 6-feet of one another, both coach and child will wear masks and gloves. Since the players will not be in contact with one another, the risk of injury is low. The most common example of an injury/incident will be a Bee Sting or a skinned knee.
  19. Coaches and students will follow the Local Health Services guidelines for face covering during class.
  20. We will be staying up to date and following all of Local Health Services guidelines for Childcare Facilities. We will update our Social Distancing Safety Protocols as needed throughout the summer to comply with current Health Services Guidelines.